Having the right health information and services is so critical to our wellbeing, but not everyone has the same access. That’s why the Advancing Health Literacy Program (AHLP) at the University of California San Diego is working to increase health equity for underserved communities throughout San Diego. Together, AHLP and Mixte Communications created a brand identity and website to consolidate their work in one convenient place.

Our Objectives

Design a logo and brand identity that embodies their health equity work and launch a user-friendly website that captures their work and provides resources.


Here’s how we did it:

  • Designed a logo and compiled brand guidelines
  • Designed and built a website within the UCSD Center for Community Health website
  • Organized website copy in English, Spanish and Arabic

The Outcome

The final product resulted in a simple and friendly brand identity that highlights a community coming together. The website lays out AHLP’s work, important resources, and contact information in a concise way that can be accessed in three languages.