United Women of East Africa (UWEA) is a place for community members to connect with East African culture – including health services, education and advocacy. After relocating away from City Heights, COVID-19 hit – rendering in-person programs impossible and effectively prohibiting the community from gathering in their typical manner.

Our Objectives

Now, Mixte has helped the organization recognize this moment as an opportunity to grow. The goal of our work now is to position UWEA as the go-to organization that connects the East African community with resources that promote healthy lifestyles.

The Outcome

Mixte has created a loyal following for UWEA through the promotion of Thursday Taste cooking webinars and meal order pickups. We work together to cultivate a growing community whose personal practices are intertwined with the organization and build ambassadors for the organization in an organic way. UWEA employs women supporting their families while providing cultural cuisine. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!