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Building Meaningful Relationships with Our Clients

Collage of community members from clients: FTEHSD, Food Recovery Network, and MOPA

This blog post was written by a Tracks Apprentice as part of our internship program with the San Diego Housing Commission.


Any couple that has reached their golden years can tell you that communication, honesty and adaptability are essential for a long-lasting relationship. These characteristics also apply in business, which is why they are incorporated into our scalable, four-step onboarding process called Mixte Moves. Mixte Moves help us find the rhythm that best suits our diverse social justice communications partners. With it, we combine listening, brainstorming, planning and collaboration to create synergy, move forward and grow together.


What can we learn from our relationship with Food Recovery Network?

On more than 200 campuses across 46 states and the District of Columbia, student volunteers with Food Recovery Network (FRN) have recovered 10.8 million pounds of surplus food that would otherwise have gone to waste, and donated more than 9 million meals (that’s more nearly 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide prevented from entering the atmosphere!). 

Like many of Mixte’s social justice nonprofit clients, FRN initially came to us to improve the internal structure of its communications department. To kick off our partnership, we developed a communications plan to improve internal systems and work with the team to implement them, which allowed the executive director to focus on more important things — like the organizational vision, thought leadership, strategic partnerships and team building. 

Once the internal systems were established and running efficiently, Mixte turned its focus to a long-term digital campaign to encourage college students in states with high rates of food insecurity to start a FRN chapter at their school. With a customized landing page, social media advertising, message and asset testing and an email drip campaign, we were able to build the organization’s brand awareness nationwide, grow its email list of interested students and nurture chapter sign ups.

By building a long-term, understanding relationship with our friends at FRN and by keeping an open line of communication with the team about its evolving challenges and needs, we were able to pivot our approach to be most supportive and useful as their communications team and ultimately, help them feed people and fight hunger.


How did we keep MOPA relevant when their doors were closed?

On a small plot of land, nestled between Casa del Prado and the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park lies the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). This is where photography aficionados from the world over come to appreciate the mind-broadening aspects of the visual arts. Mixte became involved in the museum’s traditional media outreach several years ago, in an effort to raise awareness for the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. Since, we expanded our support to help the museum develop a digital strategy that included building relationships with community influencers as well as building its social media presence. When COVID forced MOPA’s doors to close to the public in early 2020, the need to go virtual became very real. As partners, we supported the development of effective digital assets, and a comprehensive plan to make art and photography more accessible for all in the digital space. MOPA continues to see the benefit of its strong online presence, though their doors have reopened (thankfully).  


Where does Father Joe’s Villages find the keys of hope for people experiencing homelessness?

Father Joe’s Villages (FJV) first partnered with Mixte more than seven years ago to help reimagine their communications department, which at the time didn’t have dedicated staff. We helped them internally organize their communications department, go through a branding process, develop a new website, and find dedicated communications staff. Today, FJV has three in-house communications specialists, while Mixte remains in charge of messaging and public relations. Our collaborative relationship continues to bear fruit, such as the inauguration of Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2022, adding to the success of the Turning the Key initiative aimed at bringing more affordable housing to those folks exiting homelessness. 


Like our Mixte Moves? You can become one of our next partners

Because we approach every client with the hope of having a long-term, meaningful relationship, we listen and adapt to your needs as well as the evolving world around us. Whether you need help with media strategy, digital communications or strategic communications, Mixte will be ready to step into any role, with our ears, hearts and minds open. Mixte provides our partners with the adaptability they need to thrive in a world of constant changes. Contact us today to get started. 

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