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C2 Education – Teaching Us To Dream Bigger

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Growing up, I saw tutoring in many forms — from my parents to my teachers, even to the older kids in my after-school program. One of my very first days at Mixte, I participated in a brainstorm that everyone seemed extremely enthusiastic about. I didn’t know what C2 Education was or what Mixte planned to do with it, but I was eager to find out. To share the excitement with my new coworkers, I realized I needed to dream big.

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Refugees and Guns: A Tale of How I Spent $300 & A Vacation Day

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As you may know, in March of 2015 each Mixte team member was given a personal and important task—to spend $300 and one day off in celebration of Mixte’s three-year anniversary.

We were free to spend the time and money on ourselves, on others, on causes that engage us or simply to give ourselves some rest and relaxation. In essence, the world was our oyster, or at least to the extent that $300 and one day could buy. It was quite exciting.

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Mixte’s Humble Abode: The Heart of a Funky Beach Town

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Our office is located in the heart of Ocean Beach; a funky, definitive beach town.

Ocean Beach has its reputation — hyper-local, hippie town. That mistruth has made our neighborhood San Diego’s best kept secret.

This laid-back town should be pictured in Webster’s definition for “community.” Family-owned shops and homegrown stores with character line the streets and continue to thrive. Having a bake sale? Opening a new business? Selling art? Hosting a beach cleanup? Neighbor camaraderie and support: Guaranteed.  Read More

Extension-of-Staff Model Puts the TE in Team for ACE’s New York Deskside Appointments

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If you know even just a few things about Mixte, you likely know about the extension-of-staff model that guides much of our client work.

In my tenure at Mixte, I have gotten lots of curious questions about how the model works and how it impacts the everyday the interaction with our clients.

I like the curiosity and, rather than tell you how the model works in theory, I want to take this opportunity to show how it works, and succeeds in making a big impact for our clients. Read More

Why So Serious? The Case for Partying

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Let’s face it, in the mix of variety of clients we are privileged to work with, Mixte works on some pretty heavy issues. Homelessness, pollution, fair housing and environmental degradation to name just a few. So, while it might seem strange, I am here to make the case that all these issues, often seen as challenging and complex enough to require nothing but stoic focus, are a very good reason to throw a party. And that is just what Mixte did.

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