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This Is What Democracy Looks Like: What I Learned from the Women’s March on Washington

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Whenever negative news headlines make me feel overwhelmed, I think about January 21, and I remember how powerful we are when we stand together.

I was visiting Portland at the time – working in hipster coffee shops and geeking out about the city’s public transit and equitable bike share. While exploring a city that embodies so much of what Mixte believes in, I feared how the new federal administration would affect the issues we advocate for every day.

The Women’s March gave me an opportunity to transform my frustration into something hopeful and meaningful. Here are a few lessons I learned from participating in the largest nationwide protest in US history.

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C2 Education – Teaching Us To Dream Bigger

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Growing up, I saw tutoring in many forms — from my parents to my teachers, even to the older kids in my after-school program. One of my very first days at Mixte, I participated in a brainstorm that everyone seemed extremely enthusiastic about. I didn’t know what C2 Education was or what Mixte planned to do with it, but I was eager to find out. To share the excitement with my new coworkers, I realized I needed to dream big.

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It’s Homeless Awareness Day – Here’s Why You Should Care

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I’m lucky to call myself a native San Diegan. I grew up in a suburb that is not unlike most suburbs across the country. You know the kind of place I’m talking about – the shopping centers are all painted beige, the front doors are rarely locked, the kids cause harmless trouble by TP-ing houses and there is one homeless individual who you consistently encounter.

My community’s homeless neighbor sat, and still sits, every day outside a gas station with a sign that reads, “Anything helps.”
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Mixte and San Diego Hunger Coalition: Communicating Hope

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Before my brothers and I were old enough to make our own lunches, my mom started teaching us to help others put food on the table. We tagged along to the food pantry, stacking peanut butter jars onto creaking shelves and filling grocery bags with boxes of cereal while my mom asked the mothers on the other side of the counter how many children they had and if they had anywhere to boil water for pasta. Read More

Let’s Plant Free Food Everywhere, It’s Good For San Diego Public Relations

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San Diego public relations free food garden

Mixte Communications, a San Diego public relations agency, has a free food garden planted on the sidewalk outside our office. It is one of the results of Jamie’s three-year Mixte anniversary present to her employees: $300 and an extra vacation day to go on an adventure.

Now, anyone can grab a cherry tomato off the vine or a snack of arugula as they walk by. But more importantly, our neighborhood gets the taste of a new idea: planting free food in public space that belongs to everyone.

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A Case for Public Relations in the San Diego Surf Industry

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Surfing, in all its grace and simple glory, has gracefully and simply changed my life.

As a swimmer and a lifeguard, I’ve always harbored a deep appreciation for the ocean. I’ve helped people ages four through 70 learn to swim and overcome a fear of the water. I spend my days working with organizations that protect our precious coastline (San Diego Coastkeeper, Orange County Coastkeeper, Los Angeles WaterkeeperSurfrider Foundation) and I think the world could learn a lot from them – but that’s another blog post.

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