This Is What Democracy Looks Like: What I Learned from the Women’s March on Washington

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Whenever negative news headlines make me feel overwhelmed, I think about January 21, and I remember how powerful we are when we stand together.

I was visiting Portland at the time – working in hipster coffee shops and geeking out about the city’s public transit and equitable bike share. While exploring a city that embodies so much of what Mixte believes in, I feared how the new federal administration would affect the issues we advocate for every day.

The Women’s March gave me an opportunity to transform my frustration into something hopeful and meaningful. Here are a few lessons I learned from participating in the largest nationwide protest in US history.

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Mixte and San Diego Hunger Coalition: Communicating Hope

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Before my brothers and I were old enough to make our own lunches, my mom started teaching us to help others put food on the table. We tagged along to the food pantry, stacking peanut butter jars onto creaking shelves and filling grocery bags with boxes of cereal while my mom asked the mothers on the other side of the counter how many children they had and if they had anywhere to boil water for pasta. Read More

My New Bike and My Longest Ride Ever

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Are you looking to get into riding a bike, but don’t know where to start? I recently transitioned from my trusty— and also rusty—beach cruiser, which could really only get me around my lovely town of Ocean Beach, to a road bike, which can take you much, much further. I work for a communications company built on bicycling, so I thought it may be a good thing to do.

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Mixte’s Extension-of-Staff Communications: What Is It and Why Do Our Clients Love It?

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We’re so effective, you just may think we’re on your payroll. And that’s why we love our extension-of-staff communications services. Truth is, no one else offers this service to support small- to medium-sized businesses in San Diego and Orange County. It makes sense that we get a ton of questions about the model, how it works and why we’re a good fit for you. We know you’re curious, so we thought we’d answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Why So Serious? The Case for Partying

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Let’s face it, in the mix of variety of clients we are privileged to work with, Mixte works on some pretty heavy issues. Homelessness, pollution, fair housing and environmental degradation to name just a few. So, while it might seem strange, I am here to make the case that all these issues, often seen as challenging and complex enough to require nothing but stoic focus, are a very good reason to throw a party. And that is just what Mixte did.

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